Tuesday, 21. August 2018


There is now a new Wikidata property for Carthalia pages:


It's fun to play around with the possibilities of Wikidata. Here's a world map of theatres on Carthalia:


It will not be complete before I haven't entered all theatres with postcards in my collection into Wikidata - however, there are already around 1.900 items there that feature the Carthalia ID. Furthermore, not all Wikidata items on theatres have geographical coordinates. I will try to add those, too.

Saturday, 18. August 2018

270 Italian theatres

In the last weeks, I worked on the collection of Italian theatres and have put everything Italian online now.

From Abano to Volterra:


Thursday, 26. July 2018

Library buildings on postcards

There are surprisingly few postcard collectors' sites that focus on a certain type of building (as opposed to topographical collections or sites on other topics).

Here's one about another type of cultural building: Joachim Hassel's collection of postcards of libraries at


(organized as a wordpress blog, but easily navigated by categories)

Here's the only theatre within a library that I could find in my own collection – the Washington Folger Shakespeare Library:


Wednesday, 11. January 2017


After many years of construction, the stunning new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg will be opened tonight with a gala concert.

Here are some postcards: Hamburg: Elbphilharmonie

Its predecessor, the Laeiszhalle (a. k. a. Musikhalle) will still be used for concerts: Hamburg: Laeiszhalle

Monday, 7. November 2016

How to paint a theatre on the iPad

My postcard of the Sun Theatre, in Yarraville, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, isn't very old, but it has an interesting history. You can watch it being painted on an iPad by the artist, Greg Ure:


Theatre history of Köln

(Cologne, Germany)

Cabaret and variety theatres:
“Willkommen, Bienvenue,Welcome...“ Politische Revue – Kabarett – Varieté in Köln 1928 –1938

-Note: the morons responsible for the Cologne museums have removed this useful resource from the web (not found on 24 July 2018) -

Köln im Film


A comprehensive and richly illustrated site on ancient Greek and Roman theatres (in German only):


There is also a sister site on amphitheatres: http://amphi-theatrum.de/


A comprehensive database of performance history and theatre venues in Australia:


I added links to this database from all my pages on Australian theatres (where applicable).

A postcard from Regensburg

A 1906 card sent from Regensburg to Santa Monica (California) is perhaps the one postcard in my collection that holds the most incredible wealth of pictorial information. It's the first card on the Regensburg: Stadttheater page.

At first glance the card may seem quite unsuspicious, but since it is mounted on light wood that is almost 5 mm thick , it surely stands out from any stack of postcards. With one Bavarian and no less than six American red stamps the address side it is also quite impressive.

In the middle of the picture side, there is a little leporello that can be taken out. Folded out, it is 176 cm long and contains photographed portraits of 44 members of the ensemble of Theater Regensburg.

This image shows them arranged in groups of six:

For the single portraits, see a new Wikimedia Commons category.

Scanning the card and its leporello also helped to illustrate some Wikidata items and three German Wikipeda articles:


Most names of the portraited ladies and gentlemen can be found in the "Neuer Theater-Almanach" of 1906 that is available at the Internet Archive:


While all ensemble members of 1906 have passed away long ago, the theatre itself is still alive and kicking:


Many new cards

Too many to be listed here, actually.

For a start, have a look at the cards from Albania, Angola, Australia, Barbados, Bosnia, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Montenegro, Oman, Papua New Guinea. Plus, the new opera houses of Oslo (Norway) and Göteborg (Sweden) finally got their pages.

I also added lots of cards from Germany, notably from Heidelberg, Hof, Kassel, Köln, Mainz, München (Gasteig), Münster, Neuburg, Norderney, Putbus, Rathenow, Ravensburg, Rüsselsheim, Schwetzingen, Sindelfingen, Sommerhausen, Stuttgart (Wilhelma), Trossingen, Walsrode, Weingarten, Wolfsburg, Worms, Würzburg.

Monday, 5. September 2016

Additions from the Czech Republic

New additions from the Czech Republic: Additions of new postcards to existing pages: Praha, Národní divadlo pop-up postcard

Wednesday, 7. January 2015

Theatre history of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia

Theater in Böhmen, Mähren und Schlesien /(2013), free online:


Friday, 28. June 2013

Weddigen's History of German Theatres online

Otto von Weddigen's monumental two-volume "Geschichte der Theater Deutschlands" (1904) is available at the Internet Archive:

Vol. 1: http://archive.org/details/geschichtederthe01wedd

Vol. 2: http://archive.org/details/geschichtederth02wedd

Thanks to the University of Toronto for this most welcome scan.

Theatre Finder

Theatre Finder is supposed to become "a comprehensive, web-based, world-wide guide to theatres over 100 years old"


Beautiful photos by David Leventini

See slate.com

"The Stunning Grandeur of the World’s Great Opera Houses"


News from „Carthalia - Theatres on Postcards“

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270 Italian theatres
In the last weeks, I worked on the collection of Italian...
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Library buildings on...
There are surprisingly few postcard collectors' sites...
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Theatre history of Köln
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